Dan's first novel, Without Time - Within Time, took shape over the course of nearly twenty years, before coming together in a wave of inspiration and the encouragement of friends.  He now has several other books in the works, including a sequel to Without Time, as well a series called the Nirgel Chronicles, which he hopes to release over  the coming year under the Daniel Ignatius penname.

Dan Hennessey, the name by which he's more commonly known, has spent his professional career working in the publishing, technology and healthcare industries for more than 30 years.  He holds degrees in Theology/Pastoral Studies and Behavioral Sciences, as well as an MBA in Technology Management, and has served in Youth Pastor and Christian teaching roles.

It's my sincere prayer that what God has given may be used to encourage other believers and to give any who haven't believed a reason to look more closely at this thing we call abundant life.

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