Let the waters rise

I will stand as the oceans roar

Let the earth shake beneath me

Let the mountains fall

You are god over the storm

And I am yours

~Laura Daigle, I Am Yours

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Niergel Chronicles ~ Last Hope

A unique Christian supernatural thriller.

Get ready for a fast-paced adventure that weaves a compelling defense of the Christian Faith into a gripping and entertaining story, blending action-adventure, science, and faith.  


It is the story of Jeff Sutherland, a brilliant young scientist, who was orphaned at age eight and grew to adulthood with no knowledge of his own ancestry.  When he is awakened by an unusual visitor with an extremely urgent message, he finds himself in the midst of events that topple everything he has believed about reality.  


While coming to terms with unbelievable truths about his ancestry and mission, Jeff must defend the ancient Niergel (Near--ġ-el – Mysterious Secret) from a brutal underworld Crime Syndicate, as well as powerful evil ancestors and a horde of disembodied offspring of fallen angels, known as the Eljo – who threaten the entire world.

Written for Christian and non-Christian readers, with the goal of bringing both closer to Christ in an enjoyable and non-threatening adventure that provides endless thrills along the way.