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Niergel Chronicles ~ Quest

Niergel Chronicles ~
The Dragon's Tail

Live February 1st, 2023 

Book cover: Niergel Chronicles book 4
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Niergel Chronicles ~ The Dragon's Tail is the exciting conclusion of the Niergel Chronicles series. It follows the fantastic adventures of Jeff Sutherland, a brilliant young scientist who encounters a closely guarded secret that topples everything he has believed about reality.

The urgency of Jeff’s Quest grows increasingly clear as formidable enemies regather strength and a new powerful evil threatens to destroy Jeff’s mission once and for all. Jeff faces risks of unspeakable loss in this journey of tragedy and triumph.

The Dragon’s Tail is book four in the Niergel Chronicles series, the story of Jeff’s soul-stirring pursuit of truth. While uncovering the truth about his lost family, he also discovers the most extraordinary reality of all. One that upends everything he ever believed and is the only defense against the dark forces who now threaten the entire world. Jeff's most profound discovery is the one he least expects -- the proof of God's creative hand.

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