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Book Cover: The Time of His Choosing

Prepare for the Ultimate Battle Against Evil

Ominous Changes are Coming... 

Seven years have passed since Jimmy's triumphant defeat of Athaliah and her dark forces. The country has experienced a time of unprecedented revival, with new missions springing up around the world. But beneath the surface, a sense of unease is growing. The shadows of darkness are once again gathering, threatening to undo all that has been accomplished.

As Jimmy grapples with this unsettling feeling, an old charge from the angel Chozeq echoes in his mind. The words of the charge, spoken years ago, now hold a deeper meaning:


" shall be for a revelation to this final age of man at the appointed time – in the time of His choosing."


The uncomfortable truth dawns on Jimmy that the contents of his secret Journal are not meant for him, but for another who will come after him.

THE TIME OF HIS CHOOSING is the long-awaited sequel to the Within & Without Time series. Join Jimmy on his thrilling journey as his adventure takes a surprising new turn, thrusting him into the midst of crucial history.

Fans of fantasy and adventure will love this sequel, packed with suspense, emotion, and a powerful message! 

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Live March 31st

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