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Hurry up and Wait

It’s a universal human trait – we hate to wait. Kids especially hate waiting; every parent knows this well. “Are we there yet?” is such a common refrain from kids that it’s cliche. In fact, the hardest answer a child can hear when they want something is: ‘not yet.’ Ironically, that seems even harder than hearing ‘no.’

As a growing child of God, we’re no different. In fact, waiting for God is the most difficult waiting of all.

It helps me to remember that God’s timing is never arbitrary or careless. He doesn’t act ‘when He gets around to it.’ Every moment of my waiting has a purpose -- the time we spend waiting has eternal (infinite) value for our good.

God uses our waiting to accomplish growth in us that could not be achieved in any other way. It actually demonstrates the degree to which He understands our human limits and frailty -- He holds us in such high esteem that He waits for us to be ready before moving His own hand.

Trust = Wait

King David is one of history’s greatest examples of a man with faith. Yet his story is full of times when he doubted God.

“And David said in his heart, I am going to perish one day by the hand of Saul.”

~ 1 Samuel 27:1

This thought that entered David’s heart was a lie, not because Saul didn’t, in fact, mean to kill him, but because God had already demonstrated to David that He would not allow it. The proof of God’s good intentions toward David had been evident his entire life. There was not a single instance on which David could put his finger and say, “There is evidence that God will forsake me.” The entire experience of his life proved the opposite!

When we look at David’s fear, we can easily see ourselves. We don’t distrust God’s ability to provide what we need – we distrust His intentions. Our fear is born in doubting that God wants to do the thing we’re praying for.

I’m a little older now, which has a few (minor) advantages. One is the ability to look back and see what God has done over a lifetime. There have been times when God’s answer has been ‘no,’ but far more often His answer has been ‘wait.’ I have to confess in hindsight that the waiting has always been because the one who wasn’t ready was me. The waiting was needed to build a repentant heart or needed maturity, or to give training and preparation. Sometimes the preparation is needed in other people’s lives before God is ready to move forward.

Spiritual transformation doesn’t take place when we get what we want. It takes place while we’re waiting… Spiritual transformation happens in the waiting room.(1)

If you’re struggling with a major decision or praying anxiously for God to do something that He promised you He’d do – here is His admonition: '...wait for Jehovah.'

If this is your situation right now, the video below is an awesome meditation on this truth. It’s a great investment of 15 minutes that will be well worth the time… while you’re waiting.

But they that wait for Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31 ASV


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