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Updated: May 29

* Available now on 12 Audiobook platforms - plus Spotify! *

Within and Without Time is now available as an Audiobook

We're excited to announce that Book 1 of the Within and Without Time series is now available in Audiobook format!

This audio production has been in the making since last November and is produced as a 'Graphic Audiobook', with accompanying music and cinematic special effects*. You likely haven't heard an audiobook like this before!

Listen to an Audio Sample (Headset recommended)

Look for the Audiobook at the sites below:

* This title reached the #1 New Release in Christian Fantasy audiobooks on Amazon! *


More places to listen are still being added -- stay tuned for your favorite audiobook/music site!

(Be sure to add your name to our mailing list below for updates.)


*Recorded and Produced by Lighthouse Productions, NJ

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