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Pre-Order Niergel Chronicles Book Four...

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Niergel Chronicles ~ The Dragon's Tail is available now for pre-order!


Book four of the Niergel Chronicles series is being released on February 1st. The Kindle ebook is offered once again at the discounted pre-order price of $.99.

Book four is the conclusion of Jeff's adventure of discovery as he races against the clock to complete his extraordinary Challenge.

The urgency of Jeff’s Quest grows increasingly clear as formidable enemies regather strength and a new powerful evil threatens to destroy Jeff’s mission once and for all. Jeff faces risks of unspeakable loss in this journey of tragedy and triumph.

Many thanks to those who have followed this series. Your support and enthusiasm are inspiring and greatly appreciated!

(After launch, the price will revert to a regular Kindle price of $4.99.)

Pre-ordered ebooks will be delivered to your Kindle account on February 1, 2023.

Join the adventure!

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