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Thanks for Your Input!

The input received on our cover redesign has been truly appreciated. There were opinions on both sides, with a fair number loving the old cover but clear support for the new design.

I'm happy to announce that the new design will be available on Amazon starting on October 31st.

The new layout style is being carried forward in covers for the rest of the series. Here's a sneak peek at the full set...

Niergel Chronicles, Books 1-4
The Niergel Chronicles Series

Book 3, The Tenth Mantle Bearer, is scheduled for release on November 25th! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the pre-release.

Book 4, The Dragon's Tail, is being planned for release in early winter 2023. (We reserve the right to make changes to this early cover design.) Your thoughts are welcome!

Thanks again for everyone's support for this series!


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