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The Best Marriage Advice

Our son got married last weekend.

The occasion had me thinking a lot about the best advice I could give to him and his new bride and I came across these five pieces of advice in a great post* by Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. I realized as I read these that they apply equally well to relationships in general...

Five pieces of advice that bring genuine joy and fulfillment

1. Give Each Other Unconditional Grace

  • This, more than anything else will be the one habit that holds you together.

  • Your partner will not always be at their best. When it’s time to forgive, do it unconditionally and build a cycle of trust and safety.

2. Keep Your Vows and Promises.

  • Marriages are built on love, but they survive on trust.

3. Get Rid of “Me vs. You” – replace it with “We”

  • Make a conscious decision to change the way you think about your identities. Rather than two people, you’re one team.

4. Be Patient with each other (Ephesians 4:2)

  • I love the way this reads in the New English version: “with all humility and gentleness, with patience, putting up with one another in love,”

5. Love each other the way God Loves You

  • His love is unconditional.

  • His love never gives up on us.

  • His love accepts us as we are and inspires us to be better.

These few pieces of advice just might be the best gift ever given.


* 5 Pieces of Biblical Advice For Marriage

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