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Within & Without Time - Book IV is Live

April 14, 2022

Evil Ascendant - Deliverance launched today as the #1 New Release on Amazon for the Christian Prophets, Christian Fantasy, and Religious Biblical Fiction categories.

Sincere thanks once again to all who have supported this new book!

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I have read the first three books in this Without/Within Time series and just starting the forth and last book: 'Evil Ascendant.' It has been a long time since a series has captured me as this series has done. The stories draw the reader in and you become part of the story. A series you have a hard time putting down - many nights I have stayed reading until the wee hours of the morning! - one just has to keep turning the page, read the next chapter, and then hate when the last page arrives. This series would make a wonderful movie or TV series as seems popular these days. It would be also great if they could als…

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