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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Without Time has been republished!

The beloved story of young Jimmy Moretti and Chozeq, his angel-warrior friend, has been completely re-edited, reformatted, and retitled. The new Second Edition is easier to read with refined (more straightforward) language and a cleaner professional format. The story has been divided into smaller chapters to keep the momentum and suspense building all the way to the end!

Along with the new look is a new author nom de plume. Daniel Ignatius was the pen name used for the first edition. There's naturally a story behind that choice.

My full given name, Daniel Ignatius Hennessey III, meant that I was the third first-son in a line of D. I. Hennessey first-sons. I eventually discovered that my father was only given the middle initial: 'I.' His father, having lived with the name Ignatius, apparently didn't want to saddle his son with that burden. My father had no such qualms.

Growing up in a small American town, there weren't many boys with a name this long. As a result, I learned to leave off the parts I could get away with and just went by the name Danny (it was also much easier to spell). My middle name remained a well-kept secret until I was old enough to write it on my marriage certificate.

Years have a way of changing things, however, especially when it comes to remembering the people we love. The pen name Daniel Ignatius was partly a tribute to my grandfather. Admittedly, since no one else knew about my secret middle name, it was also a way to save face in case my first book was roundly panned by critics.

Special thanks to Russ Scalzo for a spectacular new cover design and his invaluable advice and encouragement. I sincerely hope readers are as blessed by the story as I was in writing it.

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