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Many people live with a faint hope that they will be forgiven one day – perhaps pardoned at their dying breath. Some imagine that a true condition of pardon can only be attained after many years of Christian devotion and duty.

But forgiveness is a joy for this very hour. The moment we trust in Jesus for it we are fully forgiven! We all need to be encouraged and reminded of this fact from time to time. If this is the condition of your heart right now -- remember...

“The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin.” - 1 John 1:7

This incredible promise is written in the present tense and infers a continual cleansing.

This fountain was cleansing yesterday, it cleanses today, and it will be cleansing tomorrow. It will always be cleansing until the day that we cross the river to our eternally sinless home. We can come every hour to this fountain to be cleansed. Every hour we must come.

Look how complete the cleansing is...

It cleanses not only from a sin, but from all sin. The unbelievable sweetness of this promise cannot be imagined by a person until they have experienced it for themselves! When the Holy Spirit gives us a taste of this unimagined forgiveness it is sweeter than life itself.

No matter how long our list of offenses against God may be, if they are small or great sins, the same fountain discharges them all. The blood that Christ shed was just as full a payment for Peter’s cursing denial and Saul’s murdering hostility as it was for beloved John’s smallest shortcoming. It washes away a lifetime of guilt as easily as a child’s faltering offense.

The only requirement is to come and be cleansed.

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