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Thank God for Moms

Updated: May 11

This post has become a Mother's Day tradition. It seems especially fitting this year as we look back on the life of a dear friend who was a beautiful role model of mother's love. Thank God for amazing moms!

Happy Mom's Day to all the mothers we love!

Life is Good/Short/Amazing...

Our Life

Don’t cry too much for passing years

For want of soothing children’s tears

To patch the wounds from stumbling slips

or feel a kiss from little lips

Don’t long too long for long-passed days

With their sleepless nights till morning’s rays

And hectic days and heavy cares

And the innocence of a child’s prayers

Don’t wish too much for another chance

To catch your child’s backward glance

As they held the hand of someone new

But feared the change and longed for you

For life is swift and short and turns

And children grow and change and learn

But in their learning, still they know

The ones who held and loved them so

And as they venture out anew

We feel distress and pain, it’s true

Yet as they soar on outspread wings

All else just seems like lesser things

Don’t cry too much for former years

But thankful be for what is here

Then cry a little if you must

With tears of joy and faith and trust

And pass the blessing on again

To generations new and friends

To children grown whose children grow

to love the ones who love them so


Lord, when we look upon this life

With anxious cares and sometimes strife

As all the best and worst are tallied

Our life, within Your hands, You've carried


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