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Staying Afloat

“A boat in water is good; that is what boats are for. However, water inside the boat causes it to sink.

It is right for the Church to be in the world; it is wrong for the world to be in the Church.” ~ Harold Lindsell

What is true for the Church is also true for the Christian.

It seems to be a lesson that we learn slowly; getting the water of the world out of our lives is a daily effort. Boats need bilge pumps. The high seas of life have a way of refilling our hulls with things that will sink us if not taken care of. As long as we’re in the world, we will struggle with its waves and will need to be bailed out.

Thankfully, we have a captain with just the right equipment for the job.

“The triumphant Christian does not fight for victory; he celebrates a victory already won.” ~ Reginald Wallis

God leaves us in the world for a reason.

Boats have a useful purpose – they bring food and supplies, they rescue, and sometimes they fight to defend.

Jesus told his disciples to be fishers of men. If he had taken all His followers out of the world the minute they were saved, there wouldn’t have been any more followers. That would have been the end of the church.

We’re kept here as lights in the world and the salt of the earth. We have an important job that is impacting others for eternity with amazing rewards, ...even if we need a good bilge pump every now and then.

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