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Why so Vast?

His Creation is so vast.

Its boundaries cannot be measured or honestly imagined.

Stars more innumerable than all of earth’s grains of sand,

each one spending as much energy as 100 Billion hydrogen bombs… per second.

Its enormity eclipses even our wildest visions of grandeur.

Why did He create such a vast universe?

It demonstrates His infinite majesty – but that is not its sole purpose.

Its grandeur declares His glory – but that’s not its only reason for being.

Its beauty reflects His creative genius, exceeding our imaginations

– but that’s not why He created it.

What is the purpose of a creation so vast – so powerful – so beautiful?

He made it visible to a world of human souls with regrets that can’t be numbered.

To a human race that is wounded by countless acts of cruelty, selfishness and hurt.

To human hearts carrying the pain of a billion failures.

To broken people, buried under the weight of mistakes too many to number – like grains of sand.

Souls who are tempted to believe that God can’t possibly forgive so many failures – as vast as the stars!


He created the stars….

He gave them their power, their matchless beauty, their infinite numbers.

He made them vast…

…to show us that He is okay with vast – He can handle infinite

– He can heal us from our billionth failure as easily as our first.

The vastness of His creation declares to us that,

however boundless our sins and mistakes may be,

His power to redeem is even more infinite,

His love is even more boundless still.


Originally posted August 8, 2021

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